If the Economy Hasn’t Gotten You Down…

KN4LF is now reporting another sunspot group from Cycle 23:

On Tuesday January 27, 2009 yet another solar cycle 23 sunspot group (S738) formed near S05E40. If numbered by NOAA/SWPC it will be 11012.

Solar cycle 23 is now 12 years and 10 months long from first spot to present one, an extension of the already record long solar cycle!!!


  1. Hi,

    Not only am I tired of the snow and cold weather this year (3009) here in Michigan but I’m getting tired of solar cycle 23. I got my license in 2000 and want ol’ 23 outta here. Sooner the better. But it looks like IT may be a while longer.


    Jim K8ELR

  2. Of course I meant 2009 not 3009. I’m old but not that old.
    Thats what I get for adding a comment at 1:40 am est. I haven’t figured out how to get that typo finder software to work. You know the one thats built into vista. I know it must be here somewhere. There is all this other useless stuff built in to vista.

    73 again,
    Jim K8ELR

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