More Ham Videos

Here are a couple of videos whose links were sent to me via the many ham-radio mailing lists that I’m on:

A Ham’s Night Before Christmas. KN4AQ’s version of the Christmas class “Night Before Christmas.” Thanks to John, W8AUV, for sending me this link.

Six year old ham on Letterman

Sorry about the quality of this image, but the video itself isn't all that good.

Six-Year-Old Ham on Letterman. Gary, KN4AQ, who posted this to the PR List says, “I was putting my “Ham’s Night Before Christmas” video up on Ham Radio Tube ( and I came across this video from the Dave Letterman show back in 1993.” Veronica, KC6TQR, (now 26) responded on YouTube. She says she’s not very active – just talks to her family.”

International Morse Code, Hand Sending. This is a Morse Code training film produced by the Army in 1966. The lessons are still applicable today, even when using a paddle and keyer to send Morse Code. It has a sense of humor, too. Thanks to Don KA9QJG, for posting this to the HamRadioHelpGroup mailing list.


  1. Well Dan the David Letterman video was a blast I am going to be playing that one at work on my Iphone. The guys at work have heard me many times talk about ham radio and they think it is just to complicated for them to grasp. I am going to let Veronica blast their socks off. Thanks for digging these up and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Here’s another cute video that arrived in this morning’s e-mail. As Ann Mary, AB1CH, says, “They are never too young to learn!”

  3. Fred KD8IXP says:

    I got a kick out of the line that says that, if you are bad, you get a QRP rig for Christmas.

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