So, what ham radio gear do you hope Santa will bring you this year?

This year, I’m asking Santa for an Elecraft K3, but don’t think that’s in the cards. I would, however, be happy to find a Signalink in my stocking. I asked people on Twitter and Google Plus. Here’s what they said:

  • an Icom IC-208H so that I can have a “real” mobile rig in the car;
  • a new toolbox that I intend to fill with electronics stuff;
  • if I believed in Santa, I’d ask for a Kenwood TS-590S;
  • an Icom IC-7200;
  • a new power supply;
  • an FT-857 (but it’s not gonna happen);
  • books and things for my 897, maybe antenna stuff too.
What are you asking Santa for this year?


  1. I want an Alpha and a SteppIR, and a new 200 watt mobile rig with a Screwdriver Antenna. I like to operate and Bikini Watch on the beach at Tampa Bay, to have a salt water path into 5 and 6 land.
    LOL, Tampa Bay is my “Liquid Linear” hi hi

  2. Well this year if I was to dream it would be the Elecraft KX3….but then again that would not be under the tree as the delivery date is January 2012.

  3. Dan,

    If you get a K3, you wouldn’t need a Signalink. The K3 has all the isolated interfaces required already built in. Just plug audio cables into your sound card in/out jacks on your computer and your are ready to go digital.


    — Dave, N8SBE

  4. Here are a few more responses I’ve gotten via Google+ and Twitter:

    I have spread my wish list around to my entire family this year and it’s all ham radio stuff. The big one is a Heil Pro Set Elite. Then there is the Heil footswitch, ARRL antenna book, Icom 7000 Nifty book, 20m Bazooka antenna and 40m bazooka antenna. I don’t expect it all, but that’s my wish list. I really want to try out the Bazooka dipoles to see how they compare to my own handmade OCF dipole.

    I’m hoping for a nice desktop mic for my Yaesu Ft950…that’s all..

    I’d asked for lots of sunspots/ good band conditions all year long (so I wouldn’t need a new radio, amp or antenna)!

  5. Dan, I had the double bazooka antenna made here in Florida (I am in Tampa).
    It is nothing special, and actually has less gain then a dipole!
    Both W8JI and VK1OD have computer modeled these antennas on their websites, and W8JI has a lot of OCF and Windom info on his website as well!

  6. Nick, KD8IPE says:

    Boy I’m simple. I want like 40-50 feet of good coax, like RG-213, so I can use my 6m beam and some aluminum to make another element for my 10/12m antenna. Far reaching, I would ask for a plate transformer and some variable capacitors to make my tube amp.

  7. I got what I wanted :), an Alpha 6-160 Meter HF J-Pole Antenna from and made by

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