Just Surfing

Here are some random things I’ve come across recently while surfing for other stuff:

  • The Freer Men of Ham Radio: How a Technical Hobby Provided Social and Spatial Distance. This looks like an amusing article. It appears in the October 2003 issue of the academic journal Technology and Culture. Here’s a quote:

    It would be shortsighted to ignore the personal cultural value of amateur radio. . . . Amateur radio gives to ordinary men, leading the circumscribed lives of ninety out of a hundred people, a release from humdrum existence and routine compulsions; it makes them freer men.

    I’m going to have to see if the University of Michigan’s library carries this journals so I can read it.

  • Sarah’s Transistor Radios. This site features photographs of more than 1,000 radios that she has in her collection.
  • EYB’s Kits. WD9EYB sells a variety of kits, including a Field Strength Indicator and a PICAXE microcontroller board.

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