Amateur radio in the news: antenna dispute, Hamvention on TV, new respect for emcomm

Neighbors protest radio antenna in historic district. When Napa resident Kathleen Wolf returned to her Randolph Street home in April, following a three-month trip to France, she was surprised to see a newly installed 55-foot-tall radio antenna … [Continue reading]

Happy Ham Radio Week: Do we get cake?

As legislatures do in many states, the Michigan legislature has designated the last week in June as Amateur Radio Week in Michigan. Here's the text: Senate Resolution No. 149. A resolution to recognize and designate June 23-29, 2014, as Amateur … [Continue reading]

How do you know that fuse is protecting your circuit?

How do you know that this fuse will protect your rig?

I blog for a leading manufacturer of circuit protection devices, so I keep my eye out for articles on fuses, ESD diodes and the like. Recently, I came across the article, "Fuse selection factors critical to circuit design." Among the factors … [Continue reading]

Weird ARRL BOD Meeting Announcement

This just arrived in my inbox: AGENDA Special Meeting ARRL Board of Directors By Webinar 9:00 PM EDT Thursday, May 22, 2014 Roll call and announcement that the meeting is being recorded Consideration of the agenda for the … [Continue reading]

My Dayton purchases


I didn't buy a lot at Dayton this year, but I did pick up a couple of cool things: I'm not sure if this cap will actually help me sell more study guides, but it looks cool. I bought this Tek Model 3 scope cart from a guy in the far reaches of … [Continue reading]

From my Twitter feed: Trash Talk, Android antenna analzyer, Oinker

DIY Engineering @DIYEngineering Trash Talk - Trash Talk is a prototype for an inexpensive, mesh-networked, democratic public address system. Each ...   KKØHF @RadioGeek Amateur radio more Space Age than Digital Age gaining … [Continue reading]

#HamTwits at Dayton 2014

#hamtwits at Dayton 2014

I mentioned in yesterday's post about Dayton that this year seemed to be more fun than the last couple of years. One of the reasons for this is this meeting of #HamTwits. On Saturday, a group of us met on the loading dock at 11 am. There are lots … [Continue reading]

Dayton 2014: First Impressions

I got back from Dayton last night, and was just too tired to do much of a writeup. Today, I'm kind of short on time, but I'll jot down a few first impressions. If you were there, please feel free to add your own in the comments section. I had … [Continue reading]

Invite a kid to Field Day

Field Day is still six weeks away, but I want you to think about inviting a kid to Field Day this year. Instead of just complaining that kids aren't interested in amateur radio anymore, do something about it. Invite them to help you set up … [Continue reading]

Net aims to promote amateur radio at colleges

Amateur radio seems to be enjoying a renaissance on college campuses around the country. Here in Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, the U-M Amateur Radio Club was revived about ten years ago, and it's still going strong. They hold regular … [Continue reading]