A short 80m antenna for my lot


Perhaps the biggest thing my station is missing is an 80m antenna. I really don't have room for a full, half-wavelength dipole, so I'm looking for options. For a while, I used a W3EDP antenna, but to be honest, results were mediocre at best, and … [Continue reading]

New Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee Set at $21.40

From the ARRL: SB QST @ ARL $ARLB016 ARLB016 New Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee Set at $21.40 ZCZC AG16 QST de W1AW ARRL Bulletin 16  ARLB016 From ARRL Headquarters Newington CT  September 4, 2014 To all radio amateurs SB QST ARL … [Continue reading]

Cleaning off my desk: “F” is for frequency

I make lots of notes as I Twitter and read my e-mail. I have so many notes about interesting things piled up on my desk, that I really need to start cleaning it up and moving the notes either here to my blog or maybe to Evernote. Having said that, … [Continue reading]

Amateur radio in the news: Chinese pirate radio, higher towers in Poway (CA), new club in Yorkshire


Rising number of pirate radio stations in China poses threat to plane safety BEIJING - The Chinese authorities are concerned that a growing number of pirate radio stations may disrupt communications between passenger jets and air traffic … [Continue reading]

From my Twitter feed: diode ring mixers, TAPR news, SDR SA

Dr. NVR @Stefano_NVR How a Diode Ring Mixer works | Mixer operation theory and measurement: youtu.be/junuEwmQVQ8   Jeff Davis Summer 2014 TAPR PSR Journal Available --> tapr.org/psr/psr126.pdf … [Continue reading]

HR4969 PowerPoint suitable for club presentations

Recently, the ARRL hosted a webinar on HR 4969, The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014. This bill seeks to extend PRB-1 authority over private home owner agreements as it does to municipal ordinances. Larry, WB8R, the Michigan Section Manager,recently … [Continue reading]

KC4AAA on the air from the South Pole

In the Amateur Radio Enthusiast LinkedIn group, Joe, W5FJG says: KC4AAA - Amundsen - Scott South Pole station has begun digital operations. We are up on JT65, PSK-31 and RTTY. We have completed testing and have worked a hand full of … [Continue reading]

No-Code in 1934?


As a result of sending out a column (nearly) every month to about 350 ham radio club newsletter editors, I get copies of many newsletters from around the country. The following appeared in the August 2014 issue of the Merrymeeting Amateur Radio … [Continue reading]

From my Twitter feed: HackRF, regen, ham scam

Michael Ossmann @michaelossmann I've launched a new instructional video series: Software Defined Radio with HackRF greatscottgadgets.com/sdr   Dave Richards @AA7EE New Blog-Post (warning - lots of pictures) - The Sproutie - A General … [Continue reading]

DX Advisory Committee wants to put the screws to remote operation

In July, the DX Advisory Committee Report recommended several rules changes for the DXCC program. Among them, was a recommendation that rule I.9 be changed such that a QSO is acceptable for DXCC credit only when the remote station and the operator’s … [Continue reading]